Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief in Honolulu, HI

"Problems of the neck if left untreated can lead to pain symptoms experienced in the face, shoulder arm, wrist and hand as well as decreased motion."

Understanding more about your Neck Pain

Who has Neck Pain?

Neck pain is relatively common; there is a good chance that you have experienced some type of neck discomfort at one time or another in your lifetime. The neck supports your head, which can weigh more than 10 pounds!

Why Neck Pain?

In addition to supporting your head it needs to be able to functionally move in all multiple planes of motion. Injuries and imbalances can cause cervical vertebrae to move out of their correct position (Subluxation). Tendons, ligaments and muscles can become inflamed and worn out, the discs separating the cervical vertebrae can herniate or rupture and the nerves can be damaged or irritated from the misalignment.

Neck Pain as we get Older

The neck changes as we age. Arthritic changes in the spinal bones such as abnormal bony growth, disc degeneration, and muscle or ligament deterioration may change the normal healthy curve of the neck and result in irritation of the nerves in the spine.

neck interior

How can Ho'ola Chiropractic help with your Neck Pain?

Dr. Timothy Luke’s Upper Cervical Chiropractic approach to treating neck pain is to find the source of the neck pain and correct it. By correcting the source of the problem your body is able to heal itself naturally.

Neck pain often responds dramatically to the restoration of normal spinal function through upper cervical chiropractic care.