What is Subluxation?

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Dr. Timothy Luke will first analyze and determine the exact location of the subluxation. Next he will gently adjust your spine back into the proper position allowing your body to heal naturally.

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Subluxation occurs when the joints in your spine have limited range of motion.


When the spinal bones move out of their normal position it is called a subluxation.


The spinal cord is the communication pathway for nerve impulses to and from the brain.


These messages determine the health and function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.


Vertebrae protect these nerves; even a small change in the position of the spinal bones can have a profound adverse affect on these delicate nerve tissues.


There are five components of the subluxation complex.


  1. Spinal Kinesiopathology occurs when the bones of the spine loose their normal motion and positional form. This can happen through injury, strain, poor posture or other stresses. This component will result in a decreased ability to turn or bend.

  2. Neuropathology causes symptoms of numbness, burning, or tingling in various parts of the body and are a result of sensitive nerve tissue being squeezed, rubbed, stretched or twisted from misaligned joints.

  3. Myopathology is commonly caused by impaired nerve impulses from muscles that support the spine. Muscles weaken, atrophy, or become smaller, tighten and can go into spasm. This can result in scar tissue that permanently affects the muscle’s elasticity.

  4. Histopathology affects the soft tissue near the spine. Pressure on a misplaced vertebra can have adverse effects including herniation, degeneration, bulging, or tearing of the spinal discs. Other adverse effects include ligament malformation, tearing, soft tissues swelling and inflammation; which may result in permanent damage.

Pathophysiology is a response to the body growing new bone in order to attempt to stabilize the joint. Over time these bony spurs can completely immobilize the joint causing scar tissue, bony bridges, and long term damage or malfunction to other systems in the body

How can we help with your Subluxation?

"It is undoubtedly a very noble goal, for we know that an individual without vertebral subluxations functions better on every level." ~Joseph B. Strauss, D.C.

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