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1357 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 1007, Honolulu, HI 96814


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Dr. Timothy Luke

Our Chiropractic Reviews

Serving people with diseases and pain and helping them get better is the heart and soul of our practice. We deeply care about patients and would love to help you. We provide exceptional chiropractic care that has yielded successful results as shown in a few of our success stories below. Simply put, we move the bones and God does the healing.

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“Pain, Pain, Pain! I have suffered from lower back pain for about a year. I was unemployed from my landscaping job due to extreme lower back pain. The doctors said I had to operate on my lower back. I was extremely scared of surgery and decided to try Chiropractic care. I started care with Dr. Timothy Luke. I am 350 pounds and at first I had my doubts. However, he assured me that we would work together and that I would get better. After 3 months all of my pain is GONE!!!!! I’m back to work and no more pain. I have referred by whole family to Dr. Timothy Luke and ALL of them have had OUTSTANDING results.”

Our family gave Dr. Timothy Luke a Tapa Cloth that has been in our family for generations as a small gift for what he has done for us.
We are so very touched that Dr. Timothy Luke has decided to hang it in his office reception area.
We thank God for what Dr. Timothy Luke has done for us!!!”

“I was dizzy and throwing up for two days and could not function. I was diagnosed with Vertigo. For those of you that have had Vertigo you know that it is very difficult to function when you have it. My life was on hold. Dr. Tim adjusted my upper cervical spine and immediately my dizziness went away and I was back to work the next day. I would strongly recommend Dr. Tim to anyone with Vertigo.”

“I am a contractor and a golfer. I’ve had neck, shoulder and lower back pain for years. I didn’t know what a chiropractor does. However, I got the opportunity to work on Hoola Chiropractic’s Office. After construction, Dr. Luke started to fix my problem. I was amazed at what Dr. Luke did to my spine.
After a few chiropractic adjustments, my arm, neck and lower back pain is completely gone. Also my energy level is very high. I’m in my 60’s and I feel like I’m in my 20’s. I usually shoot in the low 100s and after the adjustments I shot 84!!!!!! I won 1st place at a golf tournament. My drives and straight and far, my iron shots are very accurate! I haven’t played golf like this since my 40’s. My wife and son have started chiropractic care with Dr. Luke and my wife’s hip and son’s back problems are gone.”

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